Ugg boots manufacturing plant in Sydney sold

Australian-owned retailer AuMake International has acquired global manufacturer Jumbuck Australia including the company’s plant and machinery.

Jumbuck is well known with the daigou and Chinese tourist industries as a manufacturer of high-quality Australian wool products including boots, scarves, coats and quilts.

The Sydney-based company will produce wool products for AuMake under its 100-per-cent trademark, UGG AUS, which will be promoted as a “premium brand”, according to an AuMake statement.

As a third-party manufacturer, Jumbuck showed a 260 per cent increase on year-on-year sales between 2016 and 2017.

The Jumbuck vendor will remain with AuMake as staff on a standard employment contract.

AuMake has recently relocated head office and its core warehouse operations to a new facility in Auburn, Sydney, which will provide increased office space.

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