U-Bolts from Anchorage Group

Australian pipe support and piping equipment manufacturer, Anchorage Group have installed additional bending and from machinery to enable the production of virtually any size U-Bolt or U-Clamp.

The U-Bolts are available in galvanized and stainless steel materials. Uncoated mild steel U-Bolts can be supplied where they are to be immersed in concrete as hold-down bolts (or rag bolts) or temporary clamping applications. .

Latest technology machinery enables the company to efficiently set up and manufacture as few as 20 custom u-Bolts through to thousands. With sizes ranging from M12 U-Bolt to suit 25 NB pipe through to M36 40NB, there are U Bolts suitable for every application.

The U-Bolts are complimented by a complete range of Pipe Saddles, Pipe Cradles, Pipe Clamps and the Anchorstrut Bracketry System.