Two US students reinvent humble cardboard box [video]

Two undergrad students from the United States have reinvented the humble cardboard box, creating their own version that’s less wasteful, easier to pack and easier to open.

Henry Wang and Chris Curro created the Rapid Packing Container, which can be put together in seconds and is easily reused.

According to, the Albert Nerken School of Engineering at Cooper Union students started by identifying the problems with existing cardboard boxes, including difficulty in packing and opening, and material wastage.

For the Rapid Packaging Container, Wang and Curro used about 15 to 20 percent less cardboard than traditional paperboard packaging, while still maintaining load strength. The bottom of the box is reinforced with twice as much cardboard when folded, and in order to assemble the Rapid Packaging Container, the user simply has to take an unfolded box and press it into a custom jig, then close the top and seal it with the box’s adhesive strip.

To open the box, the user has to push a tab on its base, which will cause the package to unfold itself back into a flat sheet.

The Rapid Packing Container is also fully reversible

According to Wang and Carro, the Rapid Packing Container has a patent pending, and the team is looking for manufacturing partners.


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