Turnbull defends gas policy as Queensland approves Arrow Energy pipeline

Arrow Energy will receive a petroleum pipeline licence approved by the Queensland government for the planned Bowen pipeline, The Australian has reported.

The move is expected to increase supply for a “hungry domestic market”, which has also reported a “bitter stoush” between Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over gas policy.

Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham has confirmed the state government approval for Arrow’s pipeline, heralding it as the “missing link” in the gas supply network.

“We are encouraging that pipeline, we want that pipeline to be hooked up because it’s an important– piece of infrastructure that’s been missing,” Dr Lynham said.

However, Palaszczuk is campaigning for another gas pipeline for the Galilee Basin, claiming that the Prime Minister failed to contact her over a plan to restrict gas exports if there was a domestic shortage.

“All we’ve seen lately is a fly-in, fly-out Prime Minister who is espousing– thought bubbles without any deep policy conversation,” Palaszczuk said.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan had given notice to his state counterpart, Dr Lynham, the night before Turnbull’s announcement last week, a spokesman said.

Turnbull described Palaszczuk’s barrge as “bitter, personl and wildly inaccurate” via Facebook.

“The Premier’s remarks can’t conceal the reality that the Queensland Labor government is the biggest brake on state development,” Turnbull said.

“Queenslanders don’t want their politicians hurling abuse; they want them to deliver.”

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