Tradies Toolkit for Health and Safety

Tradies National Health Month this August will boost and transform the health and safety of Australian tradies.

Safe Work Australia recently reported $8.7 billion in compensation costs for trips, slips and falls relating to 26,705 claims, and with research showing that 80% of injured workers in Australia are tradesmen and labourers, this initiative is a must.

Tradies rely on their physical and mental health to do their jobs and ignoring aches, pains and body stress could result in disability and debilitation in the future. Steel Blue and the Australian Physiotherapy Association are providing tradies with the right tools to help them move well, stay well and assist in reducing the risk and severity of injuries.

Throughout August, there will be events at work sites Australia wide with physiotherapists and Steel Blue representatives spreading the word. Physiotherapists will be hosting Q&A’s and providing tips for tradies in areas such as neck, back, shoulder and knee health. Steel Blue representatives will also take to worksites and highlight the full body health benefits of wearing correct footwear.

“We are encouraging everyone to get involved and spread the word, so if you are interested in hosting a worksite event anywhere in Australia, please register online and we can organise physios, and Steel Blue reps who know the importance of proper safety in the work place, to make it down,” Ross Fitzgerald, General Manager of Steel Blue.

“A large proportion of life is spent at work and with tradies placing their bodies under a lot of stress in their day-to-day activities it is understandable that they may get hurt. The Australian Physiotherapy Association is passionate about keeping Australian tradies pain-free, moving well and living to their full potential,” said Cris Massis, Chief Executive Officer of Australian Physiotherapy Association.

All tradies are encouraged to register their support online and will enter a $4,000 prize draw to win the ultimate outdoor adventure and choose from the ultimate surfing, camping or fishing trip.

Throughout the month of August tradie body health and safety tips will be promoted, with tradies and trade companies encouraged to register their support and become a part of the month.

Together APA and Steel Blue endeavor to create a behavioralchange amongst tradies towards healthier and safer lifestyles. Tradies are able to receive health tips specific to their trade from physiotherapists and Steel Blue.

“The overall advice I could give tradies is don’t ignore the pain. Early treatment will reduce the problem and assist with a successful recovery,” added Cris.

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