Toyota to release car that runs on hydrogen in Japan

Toyota will release its first hydrogen fuelled car, the
Mirai in Japan in December and then in the United States and Europe in

AAP reports that the car, which was originally unveiled in June,
will become the first such car produced in series to be released. It will sell
for around $US62,094 ($A67,183).

“I believe this technology is going to change our world, and
sooner rather than later,” said Satoshi Ogiso, a managing officer for the
Toyota City, Japan-based company at the launch of the vehicle.

As a hydrogen fuelled vehicle, it emits only water vapour. However,
it also features a hybrid system and can run on petrol.

As Forbes reports, the Mirai can run for about 650
kilometres on a single tank of hydrogen which takes about three minutes to
recharge completely. 

This goes a long way to solving the problem of the lack of
hydrogen fuelling stations. It means that drivers will be able to get by without an
overly extensive network of stations.

Earlier this year, the Japanese government announced a
subsidy on hydrogen-fuelled cars. It will cut the price of the Mirai by up to

Japan has established a public and private sector initiative
which aims to cut carbon emissions and achieve a hydrogen-based society by

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