Toyota to fine workers for unsafe driving

Workers at Toyota’s Australian manufacturing plants will be forced to pay a fee to the company every time they receive a traffic infringement notice, under a new program designed to make drivers think about safety.

Every employee will receive free driver training and a Safe Driving Handbook from the company; however the firm has abolished its previous first free insurance excess for ‘at fault’ accidents and will charge an administration fee through payroll for every traffic infringement noticed processed.

The program, called Toyota Safe Driving Program: Looking Out For You , is available to Toyota workers, and their families and friends.

The program is designed to help employees and their family and friends recognise risky driving behaviour and take action to improve their safety.

"There are almost 5,000 Toyota owned vehicles on Australia’s roads and as the nation’s number one automotive company, Toyota must lead the community in safe driving behaviour," said Australia fleet marketing and promotions manager Sam Rigopoulos.

"Toyota Australia launched the Looking Out For You driver safety program in 2008. After some early improvement in accident rates, no further significant reductions have occurred and we want to change this."

He said that from 2008 to 2010 Toyota Australia employees or their family and friends were involved in 6,200 vehicle accidents, 153 employees were injured in vehicle accidents and more than 4,900 red light and speeding traffic infringements were issued.


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