Toyota supports local automotive manufacturing

Coffs Harbour Toyota's dealer Warren Skinner has funded a display at the Park Beach plaza, to support local manufacturing in the car industry.

The display will be on from the 24 to 25 August and will provide information on the importance and strength on local manufacturing, reported The Advocate.

“The national Toyota Dealer meeting clearly pointed out unless we continue to support locally made cars, from any manufacturer, the industry will eventually become extinct," Warren Skinner said.

He went on to say the Altona Plant outside Melbourne employs more than 3,300 employees and builds close to 550 cars per day for local and export markets, and is an important part of the manufacturing industry's infrastructure.

"The success of the car industry has a snowball effect on thousands of parts suppliers and the parts supply industry, which employs another 40,000 people," he added.

"If local manufacturing comes to a standstill it will have a crimpling effect on the automotive industry, affecting employment for thousands of Australians."

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