Toyota production to resume in Japan as earthquake danger diminishes

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will resume production at all its Japanese vehicle plants from 18-27 April, following almost a month of closure for some of the plants after the Japanese earthquake on 11 March.

“Production volume is planned to be approximately 50 percent of normal,” said a notice from TMC.

“Afterward, all production facilities will enter their annual spring holiday through May 9.  A decision on post-holiday production will be made after assessing the parts supply situation.”

Production resumed on 28 March at TMC’s Tsutsumi Plant in Aichi Prefecture and at Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc. in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Production is planned to start this week at Central Motor Co., Ltd.’s Sagamihara Plant in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The president of Toyota Motor Corp, Akio Toyoda, has admitted Toyota profits will be hurt as a result of the Japanese earthquake, however he says the company’s earnings are not high on his list of priorities right now.

"We’re not thinking about numbers right now," Toyoda said at the company’s headquarters in Toyota City, as reported by Reuters.

According to the Reuters report, Toyoda said he could not estimate the scope of the act.

"The priority now is the safety of the victims of the disaster, and to try and bring back normal operations as quickly as possible to restore hope," he said.

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