Toyota president says profit loss is not a top priority after Japan earthquake

The president of Toyota Motor Corp, Akio Toyoda, has admitted Toyota profits will be hurt as a result of the Japanese earthquake two weeks ago, however he says the company’s earnings are not high on his list of priorities right now.

"We’re not thinking about numbers right now," Toyoda said the company’s headquarters in Toyota City, as reported by Reuters.

According to the report, Toyoda said he could not estimate the scope of the act. 

"The priority now is the safety of the victims of the disaster, and to try and bring back normal operations as quickly as possible to restore hope," he said.

According to Toyoda, the company is uncertain when it can resume full production after the horrific earthquake and tsunami that damaged Japan’s coast.

The company has already stopped producing vehicles at all but two of the 18 group factories that build Toyota and Lexus cars in Japan, Reuters says. 

"This time, all of eastern Japan is affected," Toyoda said. 

"Rather than think about one automaker’s recovery, we want to think about how we can help to restore the lifeline of infrastructure to this region." 

According to the report, Toyoda who visited the damaged areas earlier this week, and told reporters that Toyota would remain committed to the northeast region, Tohoku—the site of its third production base.

Automotive manufacturers in the United States have only recently reported they will be lessening production due to delayed stock from Japan.

Ford and Nissan in the US will both slow-down their production lines temporarily while they wait for missing parts.

In Australia, Isuzu Motors has announced there will be shortages of parts from Japan. The three big automakers — Holden, Ford and Toyota — haven’t announced any production downtime as a result of the earthquake.

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