Toyota may continue at half capacity after June

Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) will continue vehicle production at 50% capacity from May 10 through to June 3, with production plans undecided thereafter.

TMC says it will await announcing a decision on production levels after this period till it assesses the situation of its suppliers and other related companies following the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake.

The news reflects the continued uncertainty surrounding the automotive manufacturing industry with manufacturers closely watching and waiting for any signs of recovery following the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Automotive parts shortages have had a run-on affect for the Asia-pacific and North American automotive industry market.

The Financial Times has reported that production stoppages at Toyota’s North American plants will continue until June 3.

The stoppages which commenced this week at plants in the US and Canada will occur on days and Fridays for a period of six weeks.

According to the report, when the affected plants are open, they will operate at half capacity producing only about one-third of the usual number of vehicles over the next six weeks.

TMC is currently operating at 50% capacity at all its Japanese vehicle-production facilities to April 27.

Image sourced: The Hindu

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