Toyota issues biggest ever recall

Toyota, the multinational automaker, has recalled 7.4 million vehicles globally over faulty power window switch that can cause fire.

Approximately 300,000 cars have been recalled in Australia.

The company is recalling models produced between 2006 and 2010.

According to Toyota the power window switch, located on the driver’s armrest, may not have been evenly greased during production, causing friction and sometimes smoke and fire, the Australian reports.

Toyota stated that there have been six reported cases with the switch in Australia.

The cases stated that the switch does not operate smoothly and has a sticky feel.

Beck Angel, Toyota spokesperson, has cautioned against using commercial lubricants as a fix, the Herald Sun reports.

“This recall is a precautionary measure,” Angel said.

She went on to say that ''the switch will be checked mechanically and electrically for correct operation and specialised electrical grease will then be applied to ensure it operates smoothly when pressed.''

The owners will not be charged for the inspection and repairs.

No accidents or injuries have been reported in Australia.

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