Toyota Dyna flat-bed trucks safety recall

Toyota Australia has initiated a vehicle safety recall on its Toyota Dyna flat-bed trucks produced from October 2000 to August 2004.

There are reportedly 732 Toyota Dyna vehicles in operation in Australia.

Toyota Dynas are assembled at Toyota’s production facility in Taiwan.

Toyota Australia is recalling the 700-odd vehicles as, “on some vehicles, if the front wheels are subject to a large external force such as running over a large pot hole or bump on the road at high speed, there is the possibility that the wheels and steering may vibrate, which in the worst case may affect the vehicle’s controllability,” Toyota Australia said.

“However, as the vehicle’s speed is reduced the vibration diminishes.”

There have been no cases of the condition reported in Australia for Toyota Dyna vehicles. There have been no accidents or injury associated with this condition, the company says.

“This safety recall is a preventative action. Customers can continue to drive their vehicles,” says Toyota Australia.

“Toyota Australia will contact affected Toyota Dyna owners by mail at their last known address in September, advising them to make an appointment with their preferred Toyota Dyna Dealer. This recall activity will be conducted free of charge.”