Torque wrenches for narrow access bolting

UltraSlim torque wrenches have been introduced by global professional
bolting technologies leader Enerpac to provide
a robust, high-performance bolting solution in tight spaces that may not
accommodate standard tools.

The compact, durable and simply maintained UltraSlim torque wrenches are
designed for general limited access applications in industries such as
construction and infrastructure and particularly for applications in the oil
and gas, mining, energy and marine infrastructure sectors including onshore and
offshore drilling rigs and blowout preventers.

The new UltraSlim
torque wrenches
– which complement Enerpac’s globally proven W hexagon and
S square drive torque wrenches – feature a tapered design, narrow radius and
top-mounted handle to help facilitate access to very tight spaces.

new UltraSlim
torque wrenches
can easily be mounted over bolts in narrow access
applications. In addition to its compact size, UltraSlim
provide superior accuracy with plus or minus three percent across
the full stroke.

a user-friendly design, Enerpac’s UltraSlim torque wrenches are simple to use
and maintain, fast release drive unit enables easy exchange of cassettes with
no tools required. UltraSlim torque wrenches combine premium grade components
with enhanced tool geometry to provide bolting professionals with one of the toughest
and most durable narrow access solutions on the market.

new UltraSlim torque wrenches improve safety, provide more uptime and last
longer than any competitive slim line torque wrench,” said Kurt Huber, Global
Product Manager – Bolting, Enerpac. “With a unique compact design, exceptional
accuracy and superior durability, our UltraSlim torque wrenches meet our
customers’ needs in performing narrow access bolting applications while
ensuring the highest quality performance.”

increased versatility, the UltraSlim cassette 12 point socket design allows
twice as many positioning points on a nut or bolt, compared with the typical 6
point socket. A new top-mounted straight handle facilitates safe and easy
access to hard-to-reach fasteners. To accommodate diverse applications, an
optional angled handle is also available on request.

torque wrenches
are CE-ATEX declared for use in explosive environments, and
are shipped complete with a calibration certificate, unique to the tool helping
to ensure accuracy and traceability.

The first of the
UltraSlim ranges to be introduced, the W4000 series, covers AF nut sizes from
55 to 75mm and their imperial equivalent of 2 3/16 to 2 15/16in, providing a solution for precision
tightening and loosening where standard low profile tools won’t fit due to bolt
height or nut-to-wall restrictions.

“One of the areas where the new UltraSlim excels is the assembly,
disassembly and maintenance of oil and gas drilling rigs and also the blowout
preventers found on every such rig,” says Enerpac National Bolting Manager Mr Pat Molloy.

“These blowout
preventers (BOPs) have many nuts and bolts that must be torqued whenever the
rig is moved. Even though BOP bolts often have limited access for tools, they
require controlled, precision bolting to ensure proper functionality and

Further features of
the UltraSlim
torque wrench

  • Range
    covers all common API flanges
  • Engineered for best-of-type accessibility and
  • Outstanding durability. Endurance testing has
    demonstrated four times longer life than alternatives, with similarly outstanding
    sideplate life compared with alternatives.

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