Tork’s heavy duty wiping paper helps Vili’s bakery stay hygiene safe and compliant

A well-known baked goods manufacturer is relying on several hygiene products from Tork Australasia to help them stay compliant in the highly regulated food industry.

While Vili’s bakery makes courageous choices with the flavours of their baked goods, they play it safe when it comes to food handling and hygiene, choosing Tork products at their manufacturing plant in Adelaide.

Tork industrial heavy-duty wiping paper is one of many Tork hygiene products Vili’s uses in their facility with the strong wiping paper meeting the legislative requirements for Food Contact materials, while also having external certification performed by ISEGA, declaring the paper safe for wiping food contact surfaces.

Leanne Ambrose, Vili’s National Quality Manager explains that they use Tork wiping paper for their performance as well as the colour. Since they make a lot of pastry and use a lot of flour, it’s important that their wipers and hand towels are not white but blue, allowing them to detect if scraps accidently make it into the pastry.

Vili’s operates an HACCP system to minimise food safety hazards. Additionally, as a supplier to major food chains they are also subject to regular monthly audits, requiring the facility to take food handling and hygiene issues very seriously.

Placed at stations all around the bakery, Tork industrial heavy-duty wiping paper is used extensively by the staff all day to wipe and clean surfaces. According to Ambrose, the paper is strong and performs well.

Strategic positioning of hand-wash and dry facilities is also crucial for maintaining hygiene. Tork H1 dispensers with blue hand towel rolls are used in bathrooms, kitchens and all the wash stations around the bakery. Ambrose says every sink has a dispenser above it and the staff uses the towels to dry hands.

When asked to sum up why Vili’s chooses Tork professional hygiene products, Ambrose specifically mentions their performance and effectiveness in getting the job done, and also says she will happily recommend them to others. 

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