Top Gear fans urged to 3D print Jeremy Clarkson hippos as show of support

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has been immortalised as a 3D printed Hungry, Hungry Hippo piece by an enterprising UK 3D printer manufacturer. reports that Bristol’s CEL Robox has shown its support – in its way – for the suspended TV host by designing printable Clarkson-themed modifications for the family tabletop game.

Clarkson was recently suspended as host of the popular BBC rev-head program after reportedly abusing a producer, who told Clarkson that his request of a sirloin steak could not be met (though he was welcome to a selection of cheeses and cold meats).

The hungry, hungry TV host then lashed out at Oisin Tymon.

"The producer was being blamed. Clarkson didn't hit him — but he did use every possible swear word you can imagine. He had to be held back," according to a witness.

An online petition has been signed by 970,000 fans who want the host’s suspension ended.

As well as this, CEL Robox has created designs for fans to print out Clarkson heads as some kind of show of support.

“The enterprising folks at CEL are big Jeremy Clarkson/Top Gear fans, and were saddened that the poor fellow couldn’t get the steak he deserved after a hard day of filming last week,” Colin Myer, Campaign Director for Cel Robox’s PR told

“By way of consolation they used the Robox 3D printer they’ve invented to create a special version of the classic board game, Hungry Hungry Hippos. Now the whole family can feed Jeremy by playing Hungry Hungry Clarksons”

“Clarkson joins Paul McCartney and Katy Perry's left shark in the increasingly-starry gallery of 3D-printable celebrities in 2015,” notes The Guardian.

Those who want to use the free design to create their own Clarkson can visit MyMiniFactory.



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