Tony Abbott says carbon tax is “dumb” at Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards 2011

Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott told Australia’s leading manufacturing and supply companies that the carbon tax is a “dumb way to go about this” and that it could see the “death” of the industry in Australia at 2011 Endeavour Awards.

Speaking at Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards last night, Abbott said that market forces will not see the country loose an manufacturing sector, however a “new big” carbon tax will be the defining factor.

“It can’t be fixed, it has to be fought, and if it’s not fought, the manufacturing sector in this country, I regret to say, is almost certain to die,” Abbott said at the 2011 Endeavour Awards, which celebrated Manufacturers’ Monthly magazine 50th anniversary.

“I think this is as stark as that, the choice that you face; do you fight or do you die?”

Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change Mark Dreyfus, who also attended the industry’s leading awards night, assured guests that the government is carefully considering the price of carbon “to make sure there are opportunities for [Australian] manufactures as the country moves to a low-carbon economy along with the rest of the world”.

“The carbon price will create opportunity for our manufactures to improve their resource efficiency, to develop low-carbon products and technologies and to maintain competitiveness in a changing global environment,” Dreyfus said.

The night also saw Holden executive director manufacturing operations, Martyn Cray call for support from the government citing that all manufacturers around the world receive support from their government and it should be no different in Australia.

Cray noted the support of the federal and state government of South Australia played in the recently launched Holden cruz earlier this year.

He also took the opportunity to announce that Holden will increase its volume parts production to 4 million a day in August – a strong sign for the automotive as well as the manufacturing industry.

Hosted by Manufacturers’ Monthly, the Endeavour Awards recognises the achievements of Australia’s manufacturing industry over the past year. This year the awards also celebrated the publications 50th anniversary.

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