Tomago manufacturer expands in United States

Whiteley Corporation, the leading global innovator in medical and industrial cleaning products, has received approval from the U.S. Federal Drug Administrator, to sell its newly developed disinfectant product in America.

This latest disinfectant product, which sanitises heat-sensitive medical instruments, is expected to generate $100 million revenue over the next decade, the NewCastle Herald reports.

According to managing director Greg Whiteley, the deal is a breakthrough for the company.

Whiteley stated that "the company employs about 45 people and is the only plant in Australia approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to manufacture sterilants and high level disinfectants used in health care." 

He went on to say that ‘‘the USA is the largest healthcare market in the world and we have a well-established partnership to manufacture and market our new high level disinfectant technologies.’’

“The company had applied for approval in the USA market ahead of the local market due to the enhanced transparency of the USA approvals system but now planned to get local approval,” Whiteley added.

‘‘[The product] has the potential to add growth and jobs in Hunter manufacturing over the next two to five years,’’ he said.

“The new product, which will be manufactured in the US, is faster and more efficient than its US rivals,” Darran Leyden Whiteley general manager said.

Leyden said ‘‘we’ve taken them on and beaten them at their own game.’’

“The Whiteley expected sales of $10 million a year over the next decade, with royalties from product sales in the US continuing to drive research in Australia,” Leyden added.

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