TNT Australia offer Vanderlande Industries its second order

TNT Sydney’s Priority and International depot will be moved to a new location, during which there will be a shift from a mechanised working process to an automated sorting system.

The small size of the new building has presented challenging factors, since multiple processes need to take place in an automated manner. The depot is intended for the processing of all relevant freight categories: bulk, road express, priority, international, book-in, incompatibles, and other services provided by TNT Express.

According to key account manager Roald de Groot , the Vanderlande sales team needed to be very creative in fitting all the equipment, trucks, vans and processes into the building.

The system for TNT is designed for a capacity of 4,150 items per hour. The items to be sorted consist of parcels, satchels and flash bags.

Two “posisorters” form the heart of the system

The posisorter is Vanderlande’s shoe sorter, which has been in service since 1989. During this time it has undergone a number of improvements.

"In order to keep our competitive advantage, we need to innovate to be able to supply our customers with the best solutions," said Roald de Groot.

"Maximizing system availability against the lowest operating costs within an optimal working environment is key when it comes to research and development activities”.

The posisorter provides positive high-capacity and high-accuracy sorting of a wide range of products. This horizontal, high-speed sorting conveyor has full-width extruded aluminum carriers on which moulded divert shoes are mounted. The carriers are constructed in such a manner that it creates a closed deck; no object can fall through or become stuck.

At the sort destination, these shoes are diverted through an angle of 20 or 30 degrees, causing them to slide across the carriers and push the products gently and positively into the output spurs. The number of shoes diverted depends on the length of each product.

The system is available for either single- or dual-sided sorting. The dual-sided sorting model has a pre-sort to direct the shoes to the side of the sorter corresponding to the output. The posisorter requires no product alignment.

The high system performance, reliable operation, cost efficiency and the ergonomic and safe equipment make the posisorter ideal for the sorting of a multitude items.

System controls with Vanderlande’s vital software suite

Vanderlande recognizes that today’s challenges of a smooth running sorting process demands for an excellent working IT component as part of a total integrated solution. Therefore, the vital software suite is part of the solution for TNT.

The vital software suite offers transparent data that allows better decision making on strategic, operations and technical level.

Daily operation

Vital provides an operational performance dashboard that supports daily planning and gives a real time overview of TNT’s sorting process. The main function is to support the routing, sorting and destination planning for the entire sorting system.

Weekly performance

TNT’s managers and shift supervisors need one single source of information that provides system status and progress information, enabling them to take timely decisions for workload and operator planning. vital makes it possible to create predefined user levels which make it possible to benefit from personalized Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards.

Monthly reports

Trend analysis refers to the concept of collecting data and finding patterns to predict future events in TNT’s business and operations.

The Business Process Intelligence (BPI) module is specially designed to store large amounts of business, operational and system data for long periods, allowing long term trend analysis, even over periods of years.

This supports proactive maintenance by generating alerts that are expected in the near future. The ability to quickly drill down the root causes allows TNT to minimize downtime and optimize system performance at the lowest possible operational and maintenance costs.

One of the most valuable features is the ability to benchmark on costs and service level performance against other hubs and depots in TNT’s network.

With our Australian and New Zealand Partner, the Agito Group provided the technical installation and commissioning support of both the TNT Perth and Sydney systems. After hand-over of the system, Agito Group with a comprehensive service division is the dedicated services provider as well.

Greg Plane, Manager Engineering & Depot Design said: “The choice for Vandelande has been based on the fact that Vanderlande has been able to come forth with the best solution fitting all the processes and requirements”.

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