Titomic contributes to local STEM capabilities through R&D production centre

The governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau, and her husband, Anthony Howard, visited the Titomic Kinetic Fusion R&D Production Centre in Melbourne.

Australian metal additive manufacturing company, Titomic, on Wednesday welcomed the Governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau, and her husband, Anthony Howard, to the Titomic Kinetic Fusion R&D Production Centre to witness a live demonstration of the world’s largest and fastest metal 3D printer.

The visit by the Victorian governor follows a recent announcement of $2.6 million IMCRC research project to develop Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) standards in collaboration with CSIRO and RMIT to validate additively manufactured structural components for the aerospace industry.

The Titomic Kinetic Fusion process, codeveloped with CSIRO, includes cold-gas dynamic spraying of titanium or titanium alloy particles onto a scaffold to produce a load-bearing structure. The process enables Titomic to print entire airplane wings, ship parts or submarines with zero waste and to exact, designed specifications.

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Titomic managing director, Jeff Lang, explained to the governor how the patented additive manufacturing process is a transformational technology at a global scale and contributing to the Victorian economy.

Titomic’s is taking a Victorian-born technology from a research project to become the global leader in industrial scale additive manufacturing. This will enhance the state’s economic competitiveness and Australia’s sovereign capability to promote innovation in material science utilising Australian resources and ingenuity,” Lang said.

The visit comes as Titomic continues to accrue and establish STEM capabilities to develop a self-reliant R&D Production Centre, including in-house robotics programmers and engineers. The development of these positions is aligned with the governor’s interest in the development of Victoria’s STEM capabilities.

Through science and technology, the Titomic R&D Production Centre will utilise Victorian innovation, and technology to allow Titomic to help change the way products are designed and manufactured in the global industry.


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