Tim5xx 2D LiDAR Sensor – Efficient At Detection, Accurate At Measuring

More than just object detection: The TiM5xx 2D laser scanner is the measuring solution within the TiM series from SICK. Thanks to its HDDM technology, the TiM5xx monitors large areas in indoor and outdoor applications – regardless of the surface or ambient light.

Enclosed in a compact, rugged housing, the TiM5xx provides accurate measurements of the scanned surface, making it possible to determine additional information such as the size and shape of objects. The TiM5xx can be used in a variety of industrial applications as well as in building automation.

The integrated Ethernet interface makes easy implementation and remote maintenance possible. The TiM5xx is an efficient solution for stationary use as well as for use in automated guided vehicles (AVG) and other mobile applications.

Integrated Ethernet interface included

The TiM5xx outputs measurement data for each angle in the form of a machine-readable data string (ASCII/binary format). Everything – including object distance and signal strength – is relayed via a USB or Ethernet interface. The data can be visualised in SOPAS or imported into a customer-specific application. With its compact design, the TiM5xx is even suitable for narrow and angular installation conditions.

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