Think-tank to industry: shift to electric vehicles, or die

CLIMATE and energy security think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions claims the Australian car manufacturing industry will fail if it does not shift from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

Executive Director of the think-tank Matthew Wright says Australian governments have continued to prop up “an unsustainable auto manufacturing sector”. He urged companies like Ford, Holden and Toyota to retool and transition to production lines for electric cars.

Wright claims electrification of the Australian traffic system is the only way to deal with the rising costs of oil and petrol.

Wright went on to point out that today’s range-extending plug-in hybrid vehicles combined with pure electric vehicles can suit a wide range of needs, reduce running costs, increase energy security and reduce tailpipe emissions.

However, with coal-powered plants being Australia’s main source of electricity, such a move could just shift the transport energy load from petrol to emissions-heavy coal generation plants.

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