Tesla drives into Adelaide

Tesla's new Adelaide store (Tesla)

Tesla has opened its first Adelaide store, citing the state’s interest in its Model S and X electric vehicles and the state’s commitment to renewable energy as its reasons for setting up there.

The company previously opened a pop-up store in Adelaide to showcase the recently launched Model X, allow customers to test drives the Models S and X, and to display the latest version of the Tesla Powerwall home battery unit.

A company statement said that the state has shown great commitment to renewable energy so it makes sense to set up shop there.

“The South Australian government has shown a commitment to renewables, which supports the mission of Tesla which is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” the statement said.

South Australian energy minister, Tom Koutsantonis said that it was a “happy coincidence” that the store opened just as the SA government tenders for the building of a new battery storage farm.

Tesla next plans to open a Service Centre in the state when a suitable location is found. This will also include a Tesla Store, along with sites for future Supercharger station.