Ten controversies involving Lego

The much-loved children’s building toy manufacturer Lego has had the occasional bit of unwanted publicity since the Lego Group’s establishment in 1932.

Listverse.com has compiled an assortment of ten of the biggest controversies around the family-owned company and its products.

Several involved unauthorised additions to the range of Lego Group’s products, such as “Bricking Bad”, an homage to the AMC crime drama series about a high school teacher who turns to producing drugs, and “Mr White”, a Lego-like terrorist figurine armed with weapons such as grenades and an assault rifle.

Also in the top ten list was Lego Group’s decision announced in February this year to shed 380 jobs by 2015 at its headquarters in Billund, Denmark. AFP reported at the time that 75 jobs would be shed this year. Packaging would be moved closer to the markets in which toys are sold, and the 380 cuts would involve natural attrition, redeployment and redundancies.

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Image: garyisyoudotcom