Tecpro’s wide filter nozzle range overcoming repair challenges

Tecpro Australia offers a broad range of filter nozzles to help maintenance engineers working on water filtration systems overcome repair challenges.

Repair and maintenance of water filtration systems can be difficult, particularly in older systems, especially when there are different filtration systems using various types of filter nozzles throughout Australia. Tecpro Australia’s large and flexible range of filter nozzles can meet any specification.

Tecpro Australia Managing Director Graeme Cooper explains that filter nozzles used in water filtration systems have massive differences especially in slot widths, thread and stem sizes as well as nozzle material. At the time of replacement, it’s important to ensure there is a close match of various specifications.

For instance, the materials used in the construction of filter nozzles affect their performance in different operating temperatures, as well as their ability to withstand chemicals and general wear and tear.

According to Mr Cooper, the Tecpro range includes filter nozzles constructed from stainless steel and standard polypropylene, as well as different specialised formulations to offer increased strength, durability and chemical resistance. These include glass-filled polypropylene, mineral-filled polypropylene and PVDF.

Tecpro provides advice to customers on the best choice of filter nozzles for all types of applications including water treatment plants and municipal pools throughout Australia.

Mr Cooper comments that Tecpro has always been able to meet every filter nozzle challenge, thanks to their range of 22 different models, 8 standard stem lengths, 8 types of thread and 10 different slot widths. Tecpro can also arrange for custom filter nozzles to be manufactured on request enabling the company to meet any requirement for any system of any age.

The filter nozzles distributed by Tecpro are made in Italy by ILMAP, a company with more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing filter nozzle solutions for water treatment systems in Europe and around the world.

Precision-made to deliver reliable dimensional accuracy of their slot sizes, ILMAP filter nozzles effectively prevent passage of particles. Expert advice from the technical team at Tecpro will help end-users make the optimal choice in filter nozzles for a wide variety of systems.

Tecpro will exhibit their products at the upcoming OzWater’15, Australia’s international water conference and exhibition being held in Adelaide from 12th to 14th May. Tecpro representatives will be on hand at stand X22 to answer any questions about ILMAP nozzles as well as the company’s full range of technical solutions.