Technology key to Endeavour Awards and SMC Pneumatics

SMC Pneumatics Australia has signed-on as sponsor of the Technology Application of the Year’ award at the 9th Annual Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards.

“For over 50 years, SMC have focused on one simple strategic corporate goal: to be the world’s leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment and automation components,” said SMC Pneumatics Australia national marketing manager, Peter Newfield (pictured, right).

“We have built our market-leading position through innovation and client engagement. Today, with more than 11,000 core products and in excess of 600,000 product variations, we are able to offer one of the broadest ranges of pneumatic and automation solutions available in the market.”

The Endeavour Awards recognise companies and individuals for their contributions to the Australian manufacturing industry. In 2012, the Technology Application of the Year category will reward a local company for the successful application of new technology in its manufacturing process.

“While we work across many industries in Australia, the manufacturing industry is a key sector for our business. Like us, our partners in the manufacturing sector value innovation and through the deployment of our technology, are creating value to their businesses on a daily basis,” said Newfield.

“Sponsoring the ‘Technology Application of the Year’ category in Manufacturer’s Monthly magazine’s Endeavour Awards is one of the ways that we contribute to and celebrate the success of an industry that is critically important to the economy of our country.”

The Endeavour Awards winners will be announced at a dinner ceremony on Wednesday 9 May 2012, at Sydney’s Doltone House, during National Manufacturing Week 2012. 

To enter the Technology Application of the Year, or any of the other 12 categories (below), simply fill-out the nomination form on our website.



Technology Application of the Year, for successful applications of new technology in manufacturing processes.

Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year, for innovative new consumer/trade products.

Australian Industrial Product of the Year, for innovative new industrial products.

Australian Steel Innovation Award, for innovative products or projects using Australian-made steel.

Exporter of the Year, for companies who are successfully entering or developing an export market with a new or existing locally-made product.

Environmental Solution of the Year, for successful implementation of solutions designed to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing operations.

Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award, recognises manufacturers who have made a significant achievement in productivity, competitiveness or innovative capability since completing their Enterprise Connect Business Review and Tailored Advisory Service project(s). [This award is for Enterprise Connect clients only.]

Global Integration Award, for companies who are successfully engaged in global supply chains.

Safety Scheme of the Year, for the successful implementation of schemes to improve safety in manufacturing plants.

Young Manufacturer of the Year, for the rising starts of Australia’s next generation of manufacturers.

Lifetime Achievement Award, designed to recognise a person who has made a significant individual contribution to Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers’ Monthly Most Innovative Company Award, recognising Australian manufacturers and suppliers which have looked ‘outside the box’ to implement new business ideas.

Female Manufacturer of the Year, for females who have affected positive change to manufacturing processes in Australia. 

Manufacturer of the Year Award, will be chosen from among the winners of the above categories. 

Need more info?: Sarah Falson 02 9422 2480,; Annie Dang 02 9422 2964, 



A very special thanks to those companies pledging their support for the 2012 Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards:

SICK for Safety Scheme of the Year; 

Phalanx Consulting Group for Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year;  

EFIC for Exporter of the Year;

Atlas Copco for Environmental Solution of the Year;

Industry Capability Network for Global Integration Award;

BlueScope Steel for Australian Steel Innovation Award;

BOC for Australian Industrial Product of the Year; and

SMC Pneumatics, for Technology Application of the Year.


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