Techies set to fly to the US to train for Australia’s growing F-35 fleet

BAE Systems Australia workforce is all set to up their skills as two more F-35 aircrafts joined the Williamtown Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base at the weekend. Six technicians will fly to the United States for a second time to receive further training to support Australia’s growing fleet of the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

Starting this week, the on-job training will be provided at the Luke Air Force Base, Arizona by Field Team, a contractor with F-35 original equipment manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.

During the training, the technicians will work alongside F-35 experts and mentors to assist with the completion of modifications on one of the aircrafts being readied to join Australia’s fleet of four. The technicians have previously received a 13-week training at the Lockheed Martin production facility training centre in Fort Worth, Texas. This exercise will complement that work and will further improve their proficiency in supporting Australia’s fleet of the fighter plane.

After their training, these six technicians would lead BAE Systems F-35 depot workforce and will train future staff working side-by-side with RAAF personnel at the Williamtown base.

BAE Systems Australia chief executive Gabby Costigan said the focus is to ensure that the capability of the team aligns with the requirements of the RAAF as the F-35 aircraft arrive in Australia and are brought into service.

“The training this team receives will help keep us ahead of the curve as we build the capability of our workforce,” she said.

Australia is set to receive 72 F-35s and BAE Systems will support up to six dedicated maintenance bays for the aircraft and plans to employ around 100 people for the job.