Talga manufactures stronger graphene technology

Australian technology minerals company, Talga Resources, has more than doubled the strength of its manufactured industrial resins – improving maintenance costs for maritime infrastructure.

The epoxy-based product can be used across many different applications, including internal concrete flooring, and dominates steel protection for marine-exposed infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, oil rigs and ships.

Talga’s tests used a formulated dispersion of its few layered graphene (FLG) and graphene nano-platelets (GNP), mixed into a two-part epoxy resin used widely in marine coating systems.

Initial test results showed a significantly improved coating performance – including higher corrosion resistance, increased mechanical strength and higher abrasion resistance – compared to commercial control coatings of zinc-rich epoxy.

“These results further highlight the potential of Talga graphene in exisiting large volume industrial markets,” said Talga managing director Mark Thompson.

“By substituting current active ingredients such as zinc with lower quantities of higher performing non-toxic graphene alternatives, the application, environmental and maintenance costs of steel vessels and infrastructure can be reduced.”