TAE to provide electronics enclosures for Joint Strike Fighter

HARRIS Corporation has signed a long-term agreement with TAE for the manufacture and supply of liquid-cooled electronics enclosures for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The deal has the potential to be worth more than $15 million, and will make use of TAE’s Aluminium Vacuum Brazing technology.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, TAE is the first Australian company to have successfully developed the Aluminium Vacuum Brazing technology.

The electronics enclosures produced by TAE have attracted the attention of local and global manufacturers of military and commercial passenger aircraft, as well as stakeholder sin the maritime and land vehicle sectors.

TAE offers a one-stop-shop capability, with its associated processes (chromate conversion, painting, heat treatment), CNC machining and flow and pressure testing to complement the AVB process. 

TAE is also able to provide design and prototyping support to customers wishing to develop new products using this sort of technology.

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