Tactical watercraft unveiled at PACIFIC 2019

A NSW-based manufacturer, The Whiskey Project, has unveiled the first of its tactical watercraft.

Shown to the public for the first time at PACIFIC 2019, the tactical watercraft is designed to perform in maritime tactical environments with maximal protection for personnel.

Describing the vessel at the launch, former Royal Australian Navy clearance diver and managing director of The Whiskey Project, Darren Schuback, noted that the craft would have to survive difficult settings.

“Maritime tactical operators are highly trained personnel who work in extreme environments. Our mission is to ensure the watercraft they rely on is optimally suited to meet the requirements of contemporary maritime missions, whilst minimising the risks to personnel and equipment,” said Schuback.

The vessel incorporates a new hull design that reduces the slamming load impact on personnel and equipment by 40 per cent compared to traditional Deep V hulls.

The versatility of the vessel is encapsulated in the modular design configuration, with seats able to be installed and removed easily, depending on the intended application. The structure also allows for the “plug-n’-play” installation of technologies onto the platform.

The watercraft is Australian made and is designed to compete for the $3 billion in planned investment in Australia’s special forces over the next 20 years.

“We have used our experience on the water to bring to life safety innovations, whilst looking at ways we can improve operational outcomes by increasing the versatility of these boats. Taking an operator-first approach to the design of Whiskey Alpha, we believe it will significantly improve the performance of personnel on the water and provide a real advantage in tactical situations, whilst supporting Australia’s sovereign capability with a new global benchmark for tactical watercraft,” said Schuback.

While one of the applications of the boat is to special forces, at the launch the potential for use by emergency services was also broached.

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