Sydney furniture factory destroyed by fire

Fire destroyed a furniture factory and forced the evacuation of neighbouring buildings at Yenora in Western Sydney yesterday.

According to AAP, the fire broke out at the Jon Cootes furniture factory at about 12.30pm. It quickly became uncontrollable and it created smoke that could be seen from as far away as the Sydney CBD.

135 firefighters were called to the scene, however they were unable to save the building.

According to Yahoo 7 News, the fire also gutted the Daar Al-Muddathir Community Centre which adjoined the John Cootes factory.

"We were having a meeting and a guy ran inside and said 'You've got to get out, you've got to get out,'" one member of the centre told the Daily Telegraph.

"We all left the building in a big rush — because it's a furniture factory it all went up in a big heap."

In addition, more than 200 people from neighbouring buildings were evacuated and several vehicles within the grounds of the facility were destroyed.

According to a Jon Cootes spokesperson, all employees were accounted for.