Sustainable productivity key to industrial success

Whenever a company commits to embracing the idea of operating and producing sustainably, it usually requires a mountain of commitment.

For sustainable productivity to occur, an operator must ensure that people do everything they can to ensure reliable, lasting results in accordance with the use of resources –human, natural and capital.

One method of ensuring this occurs can be safeguarding health and boosting productivity at the organisation’s plants through better ergonomics.

In addition to this, a focus on maintaining a high competence level of health and safety in the workplace while also reducing the impact of production on the environment.

Every tool and solution introduced should be engineered to improve the quality and standard of living –for business, society and the broader future generations.

In seeking to commit towards this goal of sustainable productivity, innovative high-quality products and professional services must also be introduced. These new products should always add value and increase the competitiveness for the customer.

Similarly, sustainability should not just be about becoming more ‘green’.  A commitment to sustainable productivity should cover a range of subjects: interacting with customers, developing innovative products, investing in competence development and engaging in local communities to create products with negligible environmental impact.

For customers and business operators concerned at the level of time, commitment and effort required to deliver on these hefty goals, this process can begin to look like an uphill battle.

However one company, above all others, has made a stand amongst its competitors –both through its strength and the way it has been shared among people since 1873.

Atlas Copco aims to move mountains through successful solutions

The world leading provider in industrial productivity, Atlas Copco, has launched it’s new campaign that encourages solutions that are so successful, they would move mountains.

Atlas Copco has more than 140 years of experience with creating different very successful solutions to move mountains.

To honor all the innovations and strong ideas put into these solutions, Atlas Copco have launched the campaign Ideas Move Mountains to encourage stronger collaboration with their customers.

Through this they will continue to find new ways of improving both the business and the innovations. Atlas will not be a supplier but a partner to our customers.

With around 40 branches and a large team of factory-trained technicians, in addition to well-stocked parts distribution centres to respond around the clock to any consumer needs.

The first campaign film shows a fun selection of ways not to move mountains. To learn more about how to actually move mountains visit, where you can also test your underground skills in our mine quest. 

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