Support local manufacturers for Australian Made Week

Australian Made Week

Adam Liaw with Luus Industries CEO, Ao Luu. Image credit: Australian Made.

This week is Australian Made Week, and shoppers and businesses are being encouraged to seek out genuine Australian products with the trusted green and gold kangaroo in support of local makers and growers. 

A new advertising campaign will highlight how choosing local products and produce makes a huge difference for local employment and businesses. This includes family-owned commercial catering equipment manufacturer, Luus Industries in Melbourne’s west, where part of the Australian Made Week television commercial was filmed. 

According to KPMG’s 2021 Family Business Survey, 67 per cent of all businesses in Australia are family-owned and operated, with more than half of the nation’s workforce employed by a family business. 

Australian Made Week 2022 follows on from the huge success of last year’s inaugural campaign that prompted more than 70 per cent of Australians to increase their efforts to prioritise local product purchases. The same Roy Morgan survey found that nearly three-quarters of participants are concerned about the number of products sold in Australia that are made overseas. 

Australian Made chief executive, Ben Lazzaro, said Australian Made Week was a great time to draw attention to the benefits of buying local. 

“The pandemic has really opened many people’s eyes to the importance of locally made products and how we can all play our part, including businesses, by prioritising Aussie products to help strengthen the economy,” Lazzaro said. 

“When you buy Australian Made, you have a direct economic impact on the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Australians throughout the supply chain. Australian Made Week is also a fantastic opportunity to shine a spotlight on the interesting and inspiring people behind the 4,200+ businesses that consider their Australian Made certification as a badge of honour.” 

Luus Industries is a family-owned business that is immensely proud to bear the Australian Made logo on the premium catering equipment it designs, engineers and manufactures at its Sunshine West headquarters. 

“The pandemic has been tough, but family-owned businesses are renowned for their resilience and ingenuity when faced with adversity,” Luus Industries CEO Ao Luu said. “Our family has been in the industry for over 20 years and is committed to supporting the growth of manufacturing in Melbourne and Australia. 

“Luus has a workforce of 65 employees whose diverse skills and specialties range from engineering, steel fabricating and welding, through to accounting, sales and marketing. We have so much capability and expertise in this country that we don’t want to lose due to overreliance on imported goods. 

“When shoppers look for, and buy, Australian Made they’re supporting the livelihood of local manufacturing, local businesses, local families and local communities.” 

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