Support Australian made, says Sutton Tools

Sutton Tools, one of the largest family-owned cutting tool companies in the world, has been chosen as one of three companies to be featured in this year’s Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) keep Australians working campaign.

The AMAG campaign seeks to highlight and promote the relation between products made and grown in Australia and keep Australians employed. The campaign features real workers from a wide range of industry backgrounds, reports Manufacture Link.

A Sutton Tools advertisement states “you can buy this premium-quality Australian made drill bit, or for a bit less, buy an imported one and put me out of a job”.

AMAG CEO Ian Harrison said “when you buy Aussie-made and grown products, you can be sure there are Aussie jobs behind them”.

Sutton Tools stated that it is not just about raising awareness of quality products, but about encouraging growth in the Australian manufacturing industry.

“We have been manufacturing quality cutting tools in Australia since 1917 and the fact that we are manufacturing in Australia is becoming an important part of our message,” says director Jim Sutton.

Sutton Tools explains that the Australian Made logo not only promotes local jobs but stands for Australian quality and standards. In addition buying Australian means consumers are helping keep jobs in the country.

According to the company every dollar invested in products made in Australia benefits Australia in terms of factories and offices built, jobs created, goods and services purchased, taxes paid and welfare payments reduced.

Chief manufacturing executive Peter Sutton said “we joined the Australian Made campaign four years ago. It’s been good for the company and the staff to promote the campaign. The logo has received fantastic recognition in Australia.”

This year Sutton Tolls will be celebrating 95th anniversary of its establishment.

“It’s a huge milestone for the company and it’s been fantastic for the staff and everyone’s proud of the 95-year heritage. It’s been a positive story to publicise in conjunction with the Australian Made campaign,” added Sutton.

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