Sugar, chocolate 3D printing machines debut at US consumer show

A husband and wife team has created a confectionery 3D printer that has debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The BBC and others report that The Sugar Lab’s ChefJet 3D printers are able to create intricate shapes out of both sugar and chocolate.

The Sugar Lab was founded by a Los Angeles husband and wife team, Liz and Kyle van Hasseln, who came up with the idea while studying as graduate architectural design students.

“We tried sugar,” Kyle told The Atlantic.

“just because it was cheap—and then we realized that if we modified it, we could eat it.”

The ChefJet and ChefJet Pro machines use a water and alcohol mix to moisten sugar (or chocolate) into a solution that is then extruded into a set design.

The machines start at over $US4,000 for a black and white model.

“We definitely think 3D printed sugar could catch on more widely, and we’re excited about the potential of the concept being available to a wide audience,” Liz told The Daily Mail in an article published last year.

 “We can definitely visualize a time – in fact, we daydream about it – when there will be a sugar 3D printer in every custom bakery.”

Food is one of the areas where the use of 3D printing is being taken up.

An Australian company, ART 3D, told Manufacturers’ Monthly last year that it had plans to make a printed head that could print in at least two different colours of chocolate.




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