Submarine project needs to be pursued: Combet


The Government should turn its attention to the building of submarines now that the car industry is effectively dead, according to former Industry Minister Greg Combet.


As AAP reports, Combetnow heads a South Australian industry taskforce. He told ABC Television that the planned exit of Ford, Holden, and Toyota will also have a massive impact on car component makers.

“They’re in diabolical trouble and a lot of them won’t make it,” he said.

He said that an existing proposal known as the Future Submarine Project should now be considered as away to replace the departing car industry.

The project was proposed in 2009 and 2013 Defence White Papers. It would involve acquiring 12 next generation submarines to replace the navy's six Collins submarines around the mid-2030s. Its cost would be as high as $40 billion.

According to Combet “that’s a project that, by the scale of it, could transform manufacturing in this country.”

He conceded that manufacturing could not be considered for some time but added that some work, including work on the design and engineering could begin soon.

He pointed out that the heads of both the Collins submarine maintenance program and air warfare destroyer manufacturer in Adelaide both came from the motor industry.

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