Striking workers demand larger slice of profits

Workers at western Sydney pie factory, Sargent's Pies, have gone on strike, calling for a 99 cent per hour pay rise.

According to, more than 100 workers at Sargent's Pies, which accounts for about half of Sydney's meat pie market, have today walked off the job and formed a picket line outside the Colyton factory.

NSW spokesman for the National Union of Workers, Mark Ptolemy, said the strike came about after the company refused to satisfy employees' demand for a 99 cent per hour pay rise.

"The company have said they're not going to go above three percent, but we're asking for six percent," he said.

"That equates to a 99 cent addition to their current hourly rate of $16 per hour, which they've been on for many years."

Ptolemy added "They've been getting ripped off for far too long, and they simply can't afford not to get a six per cent increase."

Workers are expected to renew industrial action in the new year if their demands aren't met.

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