Strengthening Australia’s cybersecurity

Internet Security System

The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Sinodinos, minister for industry said the Government had identified the value of cyber security and was building a local industry and R&D expertise in the sector.

“Cyber security is a great example of where Australia can build on the strengths we have with some of the best people in the world to undertake cyber security research,” Minister Sinodinos was quoted as saying according to a CSIRO report.

“We have set up the Cyber Security Growth Network. I want us to be the best in the world at cyber security.

“CSIRO’s Data61 is helping us capture new opportunities with an innovative and globally competitive sector that is vital for not only our national security but growing our economy.”

Adrian Turner, CEO of Data61, stressed the importance of cyber security being a key concern on the national agenda.

“Our priority is to help create a globally competitive, domestic cyber security sector, and we’re committed to continue driving the momentum that’s built through our team, network partnerships and R&D projects,” Mr Turner said.

“Cyber security is a core enabler for scaling existing Australian industries and for seeding new ones. It’s a rapidly evolving landscape that will always value new thinking and new approaches,” Mr Turner said.

Alastair MacGibbon, special adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, agreed that Australia has a unique window of opportunity to build momentum around the rapidly growing cyber security challenge.

“We are addressing our cyber security needs as a nation, building the research base, industry and jobs that will underpin a secure digital future,” Mr MacGibbon said.

“The Federal Government has implemented a significant plan to address our cyber security needs and help the nation develop a world-leading position in data research and cyber security capability.

“This can only be achieved by building partnerships and collaboration between government, academia and the private sector,” Mr MacGibbon said.

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