Stratasys, Ford, Boeing, Siemens develop next-generation 3D printers [VIDEO]

Stratasys has previewed two new fused deposition modelling-based additive manufacturing technologies, co-developed with partners Boeing, Ford and Siemens.

ZDNet reports that the company unveiled an Infinite-Build 3D Demonstrator, for making large thermoplastic parts. According to the company, which had Boeing play a leading role in developing the concept, it offers speed ten times that of existing technology, and can changed materials and tools while in-use.

Ford is currently trialling the machine and said it could have uses in creating jigs. Star Tribune, reporting on the event for investors and press, said the Infinite-Build machine could “seamlessly print large lightweight components that are the size of a building or the length of an entire airplane.”

The Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator was developed with assistance from Siemens over several years. The eight-axis motion system reportedly allows for automated manufacturing of composites.

Siemens said it expected to use this composite machine told solve a number of its own customers’ problems.

“It’s quite an opportunity,” Arun Jain of, vice president of motion control at the German company, told the Tribune.

“And we look forward to continuing to work with Stratasys to build manufacturing solutions that transform industries.”

TechRepublic notes that both of the new printers will feature at the International Machine Tool Show in Chicago next month.