STOCKCAP adds new silicone tubing range to powder coat masking product offering

STOCKCAP has introduced a new
range of silicone tubing to their powder coat masking product offering.

Natural in colour and designed to
prevent contamination of the paint line, STOCKCAP’s silicone tubing is suitable
for temperatures up to 316°C.

The silicone tubing is available
from stock in ID sizes 4.75, 5.54, 5.94, 6.35, 7.14, 7.92, 9.53, 11.1 and 12.7 mm
in roll lengths of 30.48 metres as well as ID sizes 15.88, 19.05, 22.23 and
25.4 mm in roll lengths of 15.24 metres.

Ideal for masking long bolts, tubes, pipes or
pins where conventional silicone caps are too short, the silicone tubing is the
latest addition to STOCKCAP’s product range of high temperature silicone caps,
plugs, tapes and discs.