Steel industry embracing sustainable building

The Australian Steel Institute’s (ASI) inaugural Leading Environmental Performance Awards held last week are proof that the steel industry is embracing sustainable building practices, says the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

As part of the GBCA’s Green Star ‘Steel’ credit review in 2010, the GBCA challenged the ASI to create a charter and environmental management scheme for downstream steel processors to embed environmental improvement in this section of the steel industry.

The ASI Charter requires members to provide management commitment to a set of environmental principles, communicate these and engage with staff, measure their consumables and emissions and develop environmental improvement plans through an audited web based mentoring system.

“The comprehensive review of the Green Star ‘Steel’ credit has resulted in Green Star projects now using world’s best practice steel.  Another exciting outcome has been the Leading Environmental Performance Awards, which clearly demonstrate that a whole network of people have risen to the best practice challenge,” says the GBCA’s chief executive, Romilly Madew.

The inaugural Leading Environmental Performance award for excellence in both process and project was won by Monks Harper Fabrications of Victoria. High Commendations went to Manuele Engineers in South Australia and Rondo in NSW. A special judges’ award for an excellent improvement project was presented to Combell Steelfab in NSW.