Starting small with a digital revolution

While many manufacturers understand the need to improve the productivity of their operations, few know the best place to start.

For many manufacturers, taking small steps to improve productivity is often more beneficial and achievable.

One area that is often ignored by the manufacturing sector is the adoption of digital technology. One such product the recently released U-Docs, designed to help manufacturers get documents where they need to be faster.

One such example is the quality assurance necessary on a production line. As a product moves through a manufacturing process, each staff member is required to initial a QA document to confirm that the process they are responsible for has been completed.

With U-Docs, this document could then be scanned and archived based on a unique identifier such as serial number, batch number or manufacture date, and archived for easy retrieval later. The time saved by such a simple system allows staff to focus on other tasks.

Another area of constant concern to manufacturers is the freight process and accurate tracking of goods. Our solutions, for instance, allow customers to create their own proof of delivery documents and inset a unique tracking barcode.

[Matthew Coad is Solutions Services Manager with Upstream Print Solutions.]

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