Specialised Displacement Measurement Sensors

Bestech Australia offers over 10 different technologies to measure displacement, distance, dimensions, position, thickness, elongation, deflection, tilt, deformation, profile, contour, stroke, oscillation, vibration or run-out. Each displacement measurement technology has its own advantage in different applications.
Compact sensor design with wide range of target surfaces
  • Obtain high resolution, measuring frequency and excellent linearity with laser displacement measurement sensors
  • Accurate readings of moving objects as Laser Line 2d/ 3d Profile Scanner generates 3 dimensional representation
  • Measure dimension of a target or position of an edge using shadow principle with laser micrometers, which has a high sampling rate
  • Measure position of electrically conducting target precisely and with high resolution with the capacitive sensors
  • Eddy current sensors are suitable for fast applications and is insensitive to dirt
  • LVDTS and linear inductive transducers provides actual measurement acquisition takes place without contact and is wear free
  • Choose from analogue or digital output Pull Wire/ Draw Wire/ String Pot, which can easily be mounted for any application


  • Wafer Fabrication
  • Steel strip mill
  • Metals Industry
  • Lumber
  • Road Profiling
  • Thickness measurement
  • Concrete block profile
  • Steel slab width
  • Bridge height
  • Forest Products
  • Hoist
  • Cattle Industry
  • Sawmill Automation
  • Scanning Logging trucks
  • Truck trailer

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