Southern hemisphere’s largest specialty cheese factory launched at Burnie

Lion has launched what it’s calling the hemisphere’s biggest specialist cheese factory, spending $150 million upgrading its “cheese manufacturing hub” at Burnie, northern Tasmania.

ABC Rural reports that the newly-launched plant will produce around 110 million litres of milk annually, sourced from 62 farmers.

It was also highly automated as well as part of Lion Asia Dairy’s push to grow exports to Asia.

"It's probably the most stainless steel in one location, if you can imagine something being put into a box fully done by robots, put in a pallet by robots," Lion Dairy and Drinks’ Peter West told the ABC.

"The focus will be on taking the providence of our top-end Australian product into Asia," West elsewhere told The Land.

Around 250 are employed at the site.

Lion, owned by Japan’s Kirin, has spent about five years and $150 million on the upgrades, with much of the machinery sourced from Europe.

The Heritage specialty cheese manufacturing site will annually produce about 11,000 tonnes of soft, cheddar and fetta under various brands.

The launch follows the selling or shutting down of several cheese-making factories by Lion, which launched a review of its cheese business in 2011.




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