South Australia to boost manufacturing ties with Middle East

South Australian Manufacturing Minister Tom Kenyon says he will use a visit to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to strengthen Australia's manufacturing presence in the Middle East.

Kenyon left Adelaide for the Middle East on Friday, and was joined by Government officials and local businesses, companies, and community groups.


In a statement he said the Government was aiming to “strengthen existing trade ties” in order to see increased two-way investment between Australia and the UAE.


“Strengthening these trade and productive investment ties with our overseas partners is critical to the state's future economic growth,” he said.


The trip is aimed at strengthening ties between a number of key industries, with advanced manufacturing earmarked as one of the focus points.


Kenyon said representatives on the tip were companies and groups who: “already have, or are seeking, projects in the Middle East related to education, agriculture, waste management, advanced manufacturing and services”.


“Invest in South Australia is working closely with Austrade and the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to meet with several entities interested in learning more about economic development opportunities in our State,” he said.


“The Trade Mission will visit the Masdar City Project in Abu Dhabi which focuses on sustainability, including adopting renewable technologies with zero carbon and zero waste ecology.”


“The site tour will provide us with further information into how sustainable precincts can be planned and developed which will benefit our approach to developing the new sustainable industry precinct at Tonsley Park.”

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