Sound absorbing foam

Stratocell Whisper, a sound absorbing foam from Europe, is now available in Australia.

This noise control product offers top performance in the most rigorous indoor and outdoor industrial, commercial and residential environments.It is recommended for general plant rooms, factories, commercial buildings and warehouses where reverberant noise is a problem.

The acoustic sound absorbing panels not only control noise, they allow workers to speak and hear more effectively to provide a safer working environment.

The product is washable, durable, long lasting and can be used in a broad range of areas and industrial applications to control noise including industrial machinery, food & beverage, manufacturing, air conditioning fans and motors, and refrigeration units.

This closed cell laminated polyethylene foam is fibre free and flame retardant, boasting the highest fire rating in the industry.

Available in black and white 1.2m x 2.4m sheets (50mm width), the sound absorbing foam has a Class A alpha w noise rating of 1.00. Each sheet is easily installed and can be cut or shaped to fit.

It will not deteriorate or promote corrosion, plus it can be removed, cleaned and reused.

The sound absorbing foam is available from Soundblock Solutions.

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