Solar minus the panels: cutting energy costs for Australian business

With energy costs constantly on the rise, many Australian businesses are feeling more and more pressure with each passing month.

But it’s definitely not doom and gloom for everyone  

This is the story of how one Australian manufacturer found a way to get their energy costs under control today – while achieving certainty for tomorrow.

Like many others like it, this medium-sized manufacturer invested in a number energy efficiency solutions as a first step. But not a lot had changed. They also considered installing a solar roof, only to discover they didn’t have the room (a reality for many Australian businesses).

That’s when they approached wholesale electricity retailer, Flow Power.

Introducing solar minus the panels

Flow Power helped this business lock in the agreement, which allows them to buy energy direct from a solar plant rather than installing on their site.

It’s a new initiative from Flow Power called ‘solar minus the panels’.

According to Flow Power, these types of agreements (known as Power Purchase Agreements or PPAs) help businesses lock-in prices as low as 6-7c for wind and 8-10c for solar for the long-term.

And when you compare these prices to current peak retail rates of around 20c? That’s a huge saving.

Benefits in a nutshell

This agreement with Flow Power would allow a business to:

  • Buy bulk energy at a fixed, low rate without the upfront financial investment
  • Achieve security for future growth and long-term savings
  • Avoid the stress and uncertainty of ‘going to market’ for a new electricity contract every few years

What’s more, this tool is a great element of a wholesale purchasing strategy from Flow Power. Here’s just a couple of the benefits:

  • Even cheaper power: The solar plant generates power during the work day when energy intensive operations occur
  • Access to the wholesale market: access low wholesale market prices when the plant isn’t generating.
  • Selling excess: sell electricity back to the market when all output is not used

Ready to join the conversation?

Flow Power is hosting a Webinar on 6 July 2017 to introduce more business to the benefits.

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