Solar manufacturer seeks remedy for alleged Chinese cyber spying

German solar manufacturer, SolarWorld is seeking an investigation into China's alleged spying on its US subsidiary.

SolarWorld had launched trade cases in the US which led to duties averaging 31 percent being imposed on Chinese Solar imports in December 2012.

Subsequently, Chinese manufacturers have been accused of attempting to avoid the duties imposed after the 2012 dispute was decided in SolarWorld's favour.

According to SolarWorld, Chinese solar producers avoided paying those duties by outsourcing the third of four principal steps of production, particularly to Taiwan.

Chinese producers reportedly use Taiwan to circumvent the U.S. trade orders for more than 70 percent of Chinese solar exports to the U.S. market.

As reported in the Financial Review, the United States charged five Chinese military officers in May and accused them of hacking into American companies, among them SolarWorld’s US arm, to steal trade secrets.

One hacker is alleged to have stolen cost and pricing information from SolarWorld in 2012.

SolarWorld has been the largest US solar manufactuer for nearly 40 years and pioneered the manufacture of crystalline solar technology.

[Image courtesy: SolarWorld]

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