Solar manufacturer Dyesol signs agreement in UK

Australian solar cell materials maker Dyesol has signed a letter
of intent detailing a Proposed Distribution Agreement with Tata Steel UK.

Dyesol said in a statement “the agreement will play a
critical role in it creating a commercial base in the UK to develop,
manufacture and distribute its revolutionary solid-state Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology.”

The agreement provides Dyesol with a first right of refusal to distribute its proposed
steel substrate based 3rd Generation photovoltaic products through TSUK’s distribution
channels in the UK and Europe.

The objective is to bring Building Integrated Photovoltaics
(BIPV) to those markets.

Last year, in what the company described as a breakthrough, Dyesol’s solid-state dye solar cell reached an efficiency of 11.3 per cent at full sun,
allowing the company to fully compete with fossil fuel sources. The technology
utilises a class of sensitiser compounds known as perovskites.

The development is particularly important for markets where the
amount of sunlight is relatively low, such as Europe, North America, and
North-East Asia.

As reported in the Australian, the switch to solid state
perovskite-based solar cells was largely responsible for an expansion in the
company’s profits by 34 per cent, to $12.6 million, in the last financial year.