SMC launches event to showcase automation technologies range

Photo: SMC Auckland

With 2020 set to be another big year for the automation industry, automation technologies manufacturer, SMC, are launching a Dynamic Technology Show to showcase their latest  range.

“Pressing issues such as climate change and government regulations around Health and Safety require companies to continuously evolve. The need for smarter, safer, quieter products with a small environmental footprint is now critical,” SMC’s Auckland branch manager, Peter Wilson, said.

“SMC innovates and develops customer centric solutions based on their feedback and business needs. SMC invests heavily into R&D globally and our head office in Japan relies on feedback from markets such as ours to develop new solutions.”

Wilson says the Dynamic Technology Show is the perfect platform to present SMC’s latest regulation-friendly range. IIoT technologies. Showcasing solutions in this structured way will better enable customers.

“I am particularly excited about our new range of wireless controlled manifolds.  These have seen great success in the robotics industry thanks to improved reliability and weight reductions on robot heads,” Wilson said.

“Another great addition to the software is the calculation software for air consumption which is a very handy and necessary tool when you consider the energy saving focus in business today. The air consumption calculator can help customers save on their bottom line.”

SMC offers more than 12,000 basic products with over 700,000 variations. The company will host workshops on the day to educate customers about their tools. Sessions will be tailored on the day to focus on the most commonly tools.

SMC was founded over 60 years ago, and now operates in 83 countries, employing 19,000 people internationally. It has an R&D engineering team of 1,450. 

The event takes place on 26 February 2020 at the SMC Auckland branch.

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